Lives in the Balance

Insightful information on understanding and managing challenging behaviours.

Incredible Years Programs (up to age 8)

Evidence-based program.

Triple P Positive Parent Group (up to age 13)

Evidence-based program.

Confident Parent: Thriving kids

Evidence-based program. Support available from CMHA by telephone to families via physician referral for children with mild to moderate ODD symptoms.

Know Bullying

Research shows that parents and caregivers who spend at least 15 minutes a day talking with their children or teens help build strong relationships, and prevent bullying. SAMHSA’s free KnowBullying app will help you boost your children’s confidence, resilience, and build effective strategies for facing bullying.

BC Council for Families

Registered non-profit, charitable organization. Book recommendations, online training programs.

Additional resources

- - improving attachment and security of children

- - circle of security at a glance


    • How to talk so your kids will listen and listen so your kids will talk
    • Parenting from the inside out
    • Whole Brain Child and Brainstorm (Dan Siegel)
    • The Gardener and The Carpenter (Alison Gopnik)
    • Born for love (Bruce Perry)
    • Raising a secure child (Hoffman, Cooper, Powell)


Meditation Oasis

Apple, android; a wide variety of app to promote meditation, relaxation, and sleep

Breathing Room

De-stressing app; provides videos to watch, exercises and visualizations to try, music to listen to, and movie and book suggestions

HealthyMinds is a problem-solving tool to help deal with emotions and cope with the stresses you may encounter as a student and in your personal life. The goal: Keeping your mind healthy.

Headspace is meditation made simple. The app covers the basics of meditation, with progress pages to track your stats and set reminders with your practice.

Meditation app with a lens on practical wisdom, ethical insights, and a rational understanding of the world. Waking Up is a guide to understanding the mind, for the purpose of living a more balanced and fulfilling life.

Medication management

Knowledge is the best medicine

Helps you manage your medications. Create your own medication or immunization record, set dose/refill reminders, etc. Mobile app available as well.


Physical Activity and the treatment of disease

This comprehensive site (made in Sweden) has lots of information about how exercise plays a role in the treatment of illness. Check it out!

Exercise and depression toolkit

The Exercise and Depression Toolkit has been created for health care providers working with adults with depression in Canada. The toolkit was designed to support health care providers in exploring exercise as a treatment option for depression in collaboration with their patient or client.

Mobile apps:

Recharge – Move Well, Sleep Well, Be Well

Recharge is a personalised six-week program that helps improve your general health and wellbeing by focusing on four key areas:

1. A regular wake and sleep time each day, achieved gradually over six weeks;

2. An alarm clock that triggers fun activities designed to get you up and out of bed;

3. Increasing your exposure to daylight early in the day, to help reset your body clock; and,

4. Encouraging you to increase physical activity, especially within two hours of waking up.