Sleep Resources/Hygiene/CBTi Handout

Download and print this handout - keep handy!

CBT-I Coach

Suggestions for patients troubled by trauma in the past, ideally used in conjunction with CBT-I. Gives tips on sleep hygiene and strengthening cues for sleep.

An online CBT for insomnia resource that generates an individually tailored sleep schedule based on sleep diaries. CBTi has been shown to reduce time to fall asleep by 50% and reduce time spent awake in bed overnight by 60%. The cost is $80 for 12 weeks of CBTi. As a behavioral treatment, this helps patients avoid medication side effects, medication tolerance and rebound insomnia which can occur with sleeping pills. Those with long-term sleep difficulties who learn these skills may be able to reduce their use of sleeping pills.

Kelty’s Key Online CBT module (FREE)

Kelty's Key is a free and confidential online cognitive behavioral therapy service that can provide you with the support you need to feel better. Topics: anxiety, chronic pain, complicated grief, depression, family support, insomnia, panic, addiction


self management program (free online course), lots of other educational tools

Sleep Diary

This sleep diary can help you track your sleeping habits for up to 2 weeks and figure out what you can do to sleep better.


Listening to “noise” (ie, static frequency) helps people concentrate, fall asleep, and de-stress. Try this site or youtube videos about “brown noise” (a lower set of frequencies). It can take a minute to get used to, but can help a lot. Try using the volume oscillator.


The Quest for Rest

By Andrea Bell and Dr. Smita Naidoo – designed as a children’s story, teaches science-based sleep tips that will benefit the entire family

    • "Quiet Your Mind and Get to Sleep: Solutions to Insomnia for Those with Depression, Anxiety or Chronic Pain" by Dr. Collen Carney

      • An excellent workbook of cognitive behavioral therapy techniques for insomnia. CBT for insomnia includes restricting time in bed to time spent asleep, using stimulus control to manage awakenings and improving circadian rhythm by setting a consistent daily wake up time every day of the week

Mobile Apps

Go! to Sleep

(PAID) 6 week interactive mobile app. Users register and enter sleep data and then get a sleep efficiency report and suggestions for sleep improvement.